Youth Peace Committee

The SGI-UK Youth Peace Committee has been established in response to President Ikeda’s call for global civil society to take united action towards realizing a world free from Nuclear Weapons with particular focus and efforts to bring a Nuclear Weapons Convention into being by 2015, the seventieth anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

By meeting to study and deepen our understanding of President Ikeda’s Peace Proposals, the committee strives to bring this reality to the forefront of people’s hearts and minds, through planning practical initiatives that support lasting peace.

Recently the committee has collaborated with SOAS, Roehampton University and St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School who each wished to host the exhibition “Transforming the Human Spirit: From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace” as part of their events promoting dialogue around peace and nuclear abolition. Members of the committee are determined to continue working with others and to spur people to overcome feelings of powerlessness and resignation towards nuclear abolition, and to create a society based on the respect for the inherent value and dignity of life.