The seventh and eighth articles of the SGI Charter state:

  • SGI shall, based on the Buddhist spirit of tolerance, respect other religions, engage in dialogue and work together with them toward the resolution of fundamental issues concerning humanity.
  • SGI shall respect cultural diversity and promote cultural exchange, thereby creating an international society of mutual understanding and harmony.

In the spirit of these articles SGI-UK at a national and local level engage in multi-faith activities and inter-faith dialogue.

In many areas members of SGI-UK are actively involved in inter-faith forums and local inter-faith activities and are members of their local SACREs (Standing Advisory Committees on Religious Education).

On a national level we have been involved in multi-faith events and together with representatives of other faiths and academics we have organised two multi-faith seminars at Taplow Court:-

June 2006 ‘Active faith: global citizenship and learning for the future’ which aimed to motivate faith communities to contribute to raising awareness and deepening understanding of global citizenship and sustainable development.

September 2007 'Active faith – Earth Charter Seminar' which aimed to introduce the Earth Charter as a tool for engagement with sustainability issues within faith and inter-faith communities, to encourage endorsement of the Earth Charter and to inspire and motivate faith organisations to become more actively involved in the 'Decade on Education for Sustainable Development'.

The Morehouse College exhibition - Gandhi, King, Ikeda - has been shown at a number of inter-faith activities.

Within the Buddhist community in the UK SGI-UK is a member of the Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO).

In 2008 SGI-UK sponsored a Three Faiths Project funded from a grant from the Home Office Community Cohesion programme.

SGI-UK facilitates a 3 faiths community project. Responding to the current issues in UK society of Islamaphobia, the polarisation between Christianity and Islam and the tensions between white and black people, which for many centuries in the UK has expressed itself as racism, SGI-UK embarked upon a...