Activities for Peace and Culture

Why Peace?

“Peace is not the absence of war. The surest way to peace is by fostering people of character. It lies in sowing and nurturing the seeds of peace – the desire within each individual to respect and embrace other human beings. It’s about fostering self-motivated, empowered individuals who will confront the forces that lead nations to war.” Daisaku Ikeda.

SGI-UK hosts a range of exhibitions that examine the key issues which cover the themes of calling for an abolition of nuclear weapons.

Why Culture?

“The most effective way to understand people is through their culture, through direct contact with the sounds and images that move them deeply. I am confident that the mutual understanding that such exchange creates can be the basis for true lasting peace.” Daisaku Ikeda.

SGI-UK co-hosts a range of exhibitions which examine the key issues affecting individuals today as a result of conflict between peoples and nations. They seek to explore how, as individuals, each of us can actively work to create peace

SGI believes that cultural activities and exchanges are an ideal way to develop ties of friendship between people of different cultures and nationalities. Cultural and musical events help to build mutual appreciation of diverse cultural heritages and strengthen people-to-people links in order to lay a solid foundation for a peaceful world. Over the past decade SGI-UK has raised approximately £30,000 for UNICEF through cultural events, with all the performers and support staff contributing their services voluntarily.