Why Education?

“Education at its best is a process of liberation from prejudice which frees the human heart from its violent passions. It is through education that young people can be delivered from powerlessness and from the burden of mistrust against themselves. And those who have learned to trust in themselves are then naturally able to believe in the latent capacities of others.” Daisaku Ikeda

SGI-UK offers several educational opportunities particularly at our centre, Taplow Court.
We regularly welcome school groups to Taplow Court to find out about Buddhism as part of the Schools National Curriculum. In addition, schools visit because of their desire to broaden the experience of children, especially younger children; we also welcome children from special needs schools.
Schools also visit Taplow Court because it is an historic house with thousands of years of history; as well as allowing school parties to explore the grounds and visit the Saxon burial mound we offer historical talks and tours of the house.
We actively encourage the use of Taplow Court for all educational purposes, for example we have hosted a Model UN General Assembly (MUNGA) on many occasions as well as local Slough Creative Partnership children’s events.
In response to requests from schools, local members often attend assemblies and other school events to talk as practitioners about Buddhism and explain Buddhist philosophy.